Railway Container Service

Railway Container Service

Environmental-friendly shipping of large quantities of parcels

Service Features

A shipping service that combines railways and containers

Utilizing a network of affiliated companies and freight stations in over 100 locations throughout Japan to deliver parcels door to door.
Unlike shipping individual parcels with TA-Q-BIN, the container itself is the customer's “parcel” for this service. This service provides shipping for large quantities of parcels, long or heavy items, and is suitable for customers who want to use environmental-friendly shipping while avoiding the high cost associated with chartering large trucks.

Over 60 years of tradition and reliability as Japan's No. 1 delivery service

Since the company started forwarding freight in 1949, Yamato has been meeting the needs of customers with our rail freight experience and quality that comes with the Kuroneko name.
Yamato also has the No. 1 share in Japan for the number of nationwide shipments and deliveries. In addition to TA-Q-BIN deliveries, this service carries many other items such as electronics, beverages and furniture.

Large variety of containers

We offer containers to suit our customers' needs such as:

  • Standard 12-foot containers (payload: 5 tonnes)
  • Gull-wing containers open from both sides for modal shift of large trucks.
  • Customized containers with your company logo printed on it to promote your company.

Case Studies

Case 1: A modal shift between logistics centers (Company A)

By changing to rail freight for approximately 1,000 tons of products annually, CO2 emissions have been reduced by approximately 200 tons compared to road freight. This is equivalent to approximately 18,000 beech trees absorbing CO2 emissions. Rail freight costs were also reduced by 20%.

Approx. 20% less cost

Approx. 200t reduction in CO2 emissions

Case 2: Using both rail freight and TA-Q-BIN (Customer B)

All TA-Q-BIN parcels shipped from Kanto to Kansai are delivered in bulk to Yamato’s Kansai District Center and TA-Q-BIN’s rate system is used for the shipping process within Kansai.
This enables shipping at low rates which was not possible before. (Shipping by a combination of railway and truck reduces CO2 emissions and shipping cost.)

Reduction in cost

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Case 3: Moving house using rail freight (Customer C)

When requesting the moving services of Yamato Home Convenience, "rail freight" can be specified as the main shipping method.
All shipping arrangements are handled by the Yamato Group so there is no need for customers to perform troublesome procedures.

Reduction in cost

Reduction in CO2 emissions


  • In addition to the collection and delivery by large trucks (FOB/FOT), if the container needs to be loaded/unloaded, handled horizontally or need to be refilled, please consult us.
  • In accordance with laws, regulations, and shipping terms and conditions, it is required to declare dangerous items and to follow the appropriate procedures with JR Freight.
  • For more information, please contact the nearest Sales Office or Forwarding Center.

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