Providing total support to the fashion industry, from shipping services for retail stores and online stores to after-sales services such as product returns. Yamato also contributes to sales growth and end user satisfaction with unique solutions including integrated systems and payment services.

01 Procurement


Resourcing all related operations such as procurement and shipping helps maximize business efficiency.

Capable of procuring and importing materials from warehouses around the world

Yamato utilizes its overseas network in 23 countries and regions to assist in procuring and importing materials from overseas warehouses and shipping them to addresses in Japan.

Complete support with inspections, inventory management and customs procedures

Yamato accepts parts procured from factory production lines and inspects completed parts. Yamato also manages inventory levels at logistics warehouses and ships them to addresses in Japan and overseas.

02 Shipping


Utilizing Yamato’s order management, shipping services and unique systems integration services to provide flexible pickup and payment services.

Delivery management with EDI integrations

Yamato can manage the detailed status of shipments by utilizing its systems. This is beneficial to various business areas as it enables prompt responses to customer inquiries and delivery confirmation.

Shipping management

Yamato can manage shipments of products from retail stores as well as from warehouses upon receiving orders online. By utilizing systems to integrate and manage the inventory levels at warehouses and retail stores, excess inventory can be reduced.

Delivering small parcels to mailboxes

Delivering small parcels, such as small pieces of equipment, to mailboxes makes it convenient for recipients and reduces product return rates.

TA-Q-BIN Collect

Yamato’s payment system accepts various payment methods such as credit card, COD and deferred payment. This contributes to sales growth by catering to customers in countries and regions where credit cards are not normally used as well as to elderly customers who do not have credit cards.

Pickup point selection service

The pickup point delivery service, which is widely used in Japan and overseas, can be used with Yamato. This service is convenient for business persons that are usually not at home as parcels can be picked up at participating convenience stores and agencies.

03 After Service

After Service

Offering various after-sales services including collection and returns.

Return services such as collections

Based on request data received from corporate customers, Yamato retrieves and collects a large number of products from an extensive area and sends them to returns centers by utilizing its TA-Q-BIN network.
Additionally, Yamato reduces the burden on business owners by managing operations such as issuing waybills and handling returns.

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