Handling special logistics needs through warehouse management and shipping methods
designated for medical devices, cosmetics and other medical products.

01 Procurement


Providing order management services with strict control systems.
Yamato meets various logistics needs through high-quality and efficient solutions.

Warehouse and order management

Yamato offers complete support with specialized warehouse operations required for the shipping of medical products, including the collection of samples, products inspection, packing and temperature control. Yamato also increases the efficiency of ordering, inventory management and shipping operations.

02 Packing


Proposing the required shipping method for each product.

Customizing packing materials

Yamato can develop and manufacture packing and shipping materials to suit various products, making it possible to ship products previously impossible to ship. This also contributes to reducing the risk of product damage.

03 Shipping


Enhancing end user’s convenience and satisfaction with our unique payment services and shipping services.

Payment service for e-commerce

Yamato offers a payment service for online businesses. This payment service accepts various payment methods, such as credit card, COD and deferred payment, to meet the needs of customers and to help improve sales opportunities.

TA-Q-BIN Compact and deliveries to mailboxes

Yamato offers the same high-quality service as the regular TA-Q-BIN for small medical products. Delivering products directly to mailboxes makes it convenient for recipients and reduces product return rates.

We can also propose solutions for other industries. Please let us know your requirements.

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