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No.1 Delivery Service Company
in Japan.

With "all for the customers" as our motto,
Yamato will continue to evolve in order to deliver parcels even faster and more reliably.

Yamato’s Profile

Yamato provides more than just delivery service. We also aim to construct high-value added logistics infrastructures.
Utilizing our Japan-wide network to understand our customers' needs precisely,
we continue to create even more convenient and comfortable services.

* As of FY2016

  • Domestic Parcel Delivery
    Market Share in Japan


  • TA-Q-BIN
    Annual Delivery Volume

    FY198022.26million parcels

    FY20161.8billion parcels

  • TA-Q-BIN Network Coverage

    of Japan

  • Group


"TA-Q-BIN" - Our Delivery Service

Our TA-Q-BIN delivery service covers everything from parcel pickup to providing next-day delivery with just one phone call, 365 days a year. TA-Q-BIN comes from the Japanese words “taku” (home), “kyuu” (speedy), and “bin” (transport), and for Yamato, a company that takes customer convenience to the next level and provides a wide variety of services, our determination to deliver parcels even faster and more reliably is implied in the name.

Kuroneko (Black Cat) - A Logo Known to Everyone in Japan

Yamato has locations throughout Japan. Our trucks and delivery staff provide services over the country every day, meaning that Yamato’s Kuroneko logo can be seen in many places across Japan. The logo depicts a mother cat gently carrying a kitten in her mouth, which represents Yamato's approach to provide hospitable delivery services to all customers.

The History of "TA-Q-BIN"

"TA-Q-BIN" – A Service that Transformed Logistics in Japan

In 1975, Yamato began the delivery service aiming at individual customers for the first time in Japan’s logistics industry. Before then, bulk deliveries for corporate customers was the trend and there was general consensus in the logistics industry that small-scale parcel deliveries were not logical. That is why no companies provided delivery services to individual customers at that time.

As customer-oriented, Yamato developed the service to benefit all customers, which turned the general consensus of the industry at that time by providing next day door-to-door delivery service - "TA-Q-BIN".

The “Sales Drivers” Who Make
TA-Q-BIN Possible

Who are they? They are drivers, salespersons and product developers.

Yamato’s sales drivers are more than just delivery staff. They are closely rooted to the community and understand well their customers' potential needs to develop new services. Over the years, Yamato has been able to develop different kinds of services because of the existence of the sales drivers behind.

TA-Q-BIN’s Continuing Evolution

All our employees, starting with the sales drivers who are highly community-based,
always take customers' point of view to develop new services continually.

  • Ski TA-Q-BIN

    Aiming to provide a more enjoyable and comfortable ski experience for skiers who travel with heavy equipment, Ski TA-Q-BIN has been started in December 1983, followed by the launch of Golf TA-Q-BIN, a service for delivering golf equipment to golf courses, in 1984.

  • Cool TA-Q-BIN

    The flagship customer-oriented service of Yamato, Cool TA-Q-BIN offers two types of temperature ranges (chilled and frozen) to preserve the freshness and deliciousness while delivering the products. We also provide International Cool TA-Q-BIN, an international refrigerated delivery service that aims to meet the needs of overseas customers and businesses.

  • Time Zone Delivery Service

    Considering the change of the recipient's schedule and lifestyle, this service allows customers to specify the delivery time zone. There are five time zones for selection – Before Noon, 14:00-16:00, 16:00-18:00, 18:00-20:00 and 19:00-21:00.

is Becoming a Global
Logistics Infrastructure

The “Value Networking” Concept

By the innovation of TA-Q-BIN network, we provide diverse solutions through evolving logistics from a “cost” into a “value creation instrument”. Logistics facilities in each region, including Haneda Chronogate, Japan’s largest logistics terminal that combines “speed transportation network” with “highly value added functions,” and Okinawa Southern Gate, which ensure next-day delivery to Asia, significantly support business developments of corporate customers.

Yamato’s Network
is Expanding Across
Asia and Beyond

Yamato is expanding the network of high-quality services which has developed in Japan to 23 countries and regions* to meet the logistics needs of customers around the world.

* As of FY2016

Yamato will continue evolving
for the convenience of all customers!