Our Quality and Solutions

  • Domestic Parcel Delivery Market Share in Japan No.1
  • TA-Q-BIN Annual Delivery Volume 1.8billion parcels
  • Yamato Group's Global  Network 23 countries / regions in the world

Yamato aims to contribute to businesses with Japan's best logistics services that are expanding globally, particularly in Asia.

* As of FY2016

The Key to Yamato’s Quality
is the "People" Who Deliver

Delivery service quality is an important service element for senders.
Our sales drivers who grasp a detailed understanding of customers' needs in each region
and deliver parcels directly to customers, uphold Yamato’s standards of quality down to the last mile.

Starting with Asia, Yamato is expanding its network globally,
and is working together with sales drivers in every region
to provide high-quality delivery services around the world.

Bringing TA-Q-BIN Service and Network Cultivated
to Asia and the Rest of the World


"Three Gateways"

Driving the Evolution of Our TA-Q-BIN Network in Japan

"Three Gateways"

Driving the Evolution of Our TA-Q-BIN Network in Japan

We have established “gateways” in Atsugi, Chubu, and Kansai that enable high-frequency arterial transportation.
Our three gateways have significantly expanded the areas eligible for same-day deliveries between major cities in Japan.
Starting with these three gateways, we utilize a wide range of logistics terminals to construct our TA-Q-BIN network across Asia.

Japan's Largest Integrated Logistics Terminal


Speedy delivery utilizing cutting-edge equipment
and all transport modes

Located adjacent to Tokyo International Airport, close to Tokyo and Yokohama ports, Haneda Chronogate has excellent access to rail cargo container terminals and metropolitan expressways, enabling seamless connections across Japan and Asia. It is also equipped with the latest material handling equipment, allowing it to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The simultaneous sorting of arriving and departing parcels results in speedy delivery continuously.

Linking Japan and Major Asian Cities in Four Hours


With the advancement of borderless logistics brought on by the economic and market growth of countries and regions in Asia, Yamato will evolve logistics from a “cost” into a “value creation instrument” with Okinawa Southern Gate as the hub.



Speedy Delivery to
Countries and Regions in Asia

Realizing a competitive lead time
through overnight transportation.




Bringing Logistics Hubs
to Manufacturing Hubs

Enabling customization according to needs,
such as handling product manufacturing,
repairs, and maintenance in-facility.

Merge Repair-Maintenance Kitting Filling

We will continue to create added value with high quality through logistics.

By innovating our network, starting with Okinawa Southern Gate, we aim to provide faster, higher quality and lower cost logistics solutions!

More Than Just Delivery.
Yamato's Technology Widens the Possibilities of Logistics.

The Yamato Group comprises more than 40 companies. In addition to delivery,
we consolidate each company’s expertise to provide unique logistics solutions.

Next-day Deliveries of Fresh Produce and Goods to Asia


We cater to a broad range of logistics needs including the delivery of fresh goods
and other cargo that requires high-quality temperature management.






Making Cold Chain Possible with
Various Yamato Delivery Technologies

Air Freight Refrigerated Container

Air Freight Refrigerated Container

Fixed Temperature Sorting Room

Fixed Temperature Sorting Room

Movable Cool Box

Movable Cool Box

Delivery Vehicle with Cold Insulation Function

Delivery Vehicle with Cold Insulation Function

RCool Bag

Cool Bag

Keeping Fresh Products Fresh
All the Way to Restaurants in Asia

Sashimi using live scallops from Aomori Prefecture is a popular menu item at Hong Kong’s high-class restaurants.
Yamato delivers fresh Japanese seafood directly to customers in Hong Kong.

Yamato is Making an Effort into Acquiring Accreditation of International Standards

TCDS 660200/PAS1018

PAS 1018 is an international standard for refrigerated delivery services of small parcels.
The coveted certification is awarded only to companies who have established the facilities and systems needed to provide the service, and have met all requirements stipulated.
Yamato Group’s refrigerated door-to-door delivery services, “Cool TA-Q-BIN” and “International Cool TA-Q-BIN,” received PAS 1018 certification in May 2017.

FSSC 22000

In regards to food safety management, Yamato acquired FSSC 22000 accreditation from the Foundation for Food Safety Certification (FSSC), recognizing that the requirements of the health management scheme comprising approximately 200 individual standards have been fulfilled, including food defense.

Yamato also provides other unique technologies and services to meet all logistics needs.



Providing comprehensive packing solutions, including material development and packing design, which helps boost the efficiency of shipping and reduce costs.



A broad range of payment services is available to support e-commerce businesses, such as cash on delivery and deferred payment.



Improving the efficiency of shipping, pickup and recall operations through IT services, such as EDI system. Services can also be used as the tools for customer management.

Yamato helps businesses through flexible service design.
Ask us how we can help your business.

Yamato will propose solutions to any kind of problem.