With Yamato’s worldwide network, products only available in Japan can be delivered to countries and
regions in Asia by maintaining its freshness.

01 Procurement


Delivering food products from Japan to various countries and regions at “the right time”, “ right quantity “ and in “fresh condition”.

Refrigerated shipping direct from local producers

Cool TA-Q-BIN and International Cool TA-Q-BIN offers speedy services as fast as next-day delivery starting with shipments of one box. This enables the procurement of hard-to-find and highly valuable food products which can be shipped directly from local producers throughout Japan while kept fresh.

02 Shipping


Procedures and payments are more convenient and easy.

Payment support

Customers who worry about procedures and payments can be at ease as Yamato provides support with product payment procedures.

We can also propose solutions for other industries. Please let us know your requirements.

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