JITBOX チャーター便

JITBOX Chartered Delivery

Providing chartered delivery services for individual caged boxes.

Service Features


Shipping quality which combines safety and environmentally-friendliness

Parcels are not unloaded and reloaded at any time between pickup and delivery. Since parcels are untouched, there is no need to worry about damage.
Products are enclosed in a steel box for protection. The box protects products so packing does not need to be thorough. This shipping style is also friendly to the environment.


Shipping costs which match the weight

Shipping is available from individual caged boxes so there is no need to charter an entire truck. This makes it possible to match the shipping costs with the weight of the boxes.
For example, up to 72 cardboard boxes can be packed into the caged boxes which measure 300cm x 300cm x 200cm and weigh 5kg. This makes it possible to ship large quantities at reasonable rates.


Specify delivery by time zone

A service for specifying delivery in time zones of 2-4 hours is provided as standard.
We also offer various optional services such as JIT (Just In Time) delivery for delivery at an exact time instead of within a time zone.

Optional Services

Shipping options

Situation Name of optional service Service details
Sending machinery and electronics safely and with ease 3Q options Shipping with special environmental friendly packing materials (air belts)
Sending refrigerated or frozen items Cool Box Chartered Delivery Refrigerated shipping (chilled/ frozen)
* Not available in some areas.
Increasing the security Security option Shipping with a GPS tracker
Box cover Using box covers and a security seal during shipping
Shipping clothes unfolded Hanger Box Chartered Delivery Shipping clothes on hangers

Operating options

Usage scenes Name of optional service Service details
I want the box picked up/delivered early in the morning or late at night Off hours pickup and delivery Pickup and delivery from 8:00am to 10:00am and from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Shipping heavy items Two-man delivery Two employees (including the Sales Driver) handle the delivery
I want the certificate of delivery collected from the recipient Collection of delivery receipts Service to send back certificates of delivery


  • Some parcels cannot be accepted.
  • This is a standard service which delivers to locations where boxes can be transported. Additional charges apply for deliveries to locations where boxes cannot be normally delivered.

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