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International TA-Q-BIN

Variety of your shipping needs like mail order services and etc. from/to overseas such as America, Europe and Asia can be utilized with our International TA-Q-BIN.

This is a service for shipping small-lot freight and products from Europe, America and Asia to Japan. The Yamato Group provides total service in all phases from receipt until delivery. Packages are delivered by a Kuroneko Yamato sales driver.

From Europe, America and Asia to Japan
System of International TA-Q-BIN?from Europe, America and Asia to Japan
【Service Area】
As of July 2013 International TA-Q-BIN provides service from the following countries.
United States,Canada,England,Holland,Belgium,Germany,France,Italy,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Singapore,Thailand,Malaysia,Korea
【Form of Payment】
As of July 2013, the following forms of payment can be used for International TA-Q-BIN.
Type of Payment Commodity Price Freight Import Duty, etc.
All Collect * Collect Collect Collect
Duties Collect Prepaid Prepaid Collect
All Prepaid Prepaid Prepaid Prepaid
Item Prepaid Prepaid Collect Collect
Freight Collect Prepaid Collect Prepaid
Item Collect * Collect Prepaid Prepaid
Item Duties Collect * Collect Prepaid Collect
Forms of payment marked with asterisk(*) can only be used by customers who have applied for International TA-Q-BIN Collect.
【Size Restrictions】

Size Restrictions imageLength (A) + Width (C) + Height (B) = maximum 160cm
Weight: maximum 25kg
Packages which exceed the size listed above are handled as Large-Sized International TA-Q-BIN.

*If the size of the box (volume weight) is larger than the actual measured weight (actual weight), billing will be based on the volume weight. Also, depending on the market price for aircraft fuel, separate fluctuating charges such as a fuel surcharge may be incurred.
【Packages which exceed size restrictions for TA-Q-BIN】
If you like to send big volume parcel which exceed 25kg or 160cm, you can use Large-Sized TA-Q-BIN.
It would be suitable for large furniture, household goods, electronic devices, and etc.

Size Restrictions imageLength (A) + Width (C) + Height (B) = maximum 350cm
Weight: maximum 100kg

【Flow until shipping】
Flow until shipping
【Optional Services】
-Email Notification Service
A service providing advanced notification for shipping status, receipt time, payment amount and other information.
-International TA-Q-BIN Collect
COD (payment by cash at time of delivery) is one of the most popular payment method for mail-order in Japan. The COD service named "International TA-Q-BIN Collect" can also be used for mail-order goods shipped from overseas to Japan. Our collect service could increase your mail order sales. The product payment will be transferred to your bank account within 15 days in some cases. Please take advantage of this outstanding service.
【Usage Conditions】
-An International TA-Q-BIN operating agreement must be signed in advance between your company and the Yamato subsidiary in the exporting country.
-Yamato cannot handle products which violate our International TA-Q-BIN Terms & Conditions, laws and regulations of the applicable country, or public order/morals.
-As a general rule, Yamato cannot handle dangerous goods.
-Advance screening is necessary before implementing International TA-Q-BIN Collect.
-When using International TA-Q-BIN Collect, payment at the delivery site can be made in cash only.
-When using COD for freight and import duty, payment at the delivery site can be made in cash or e-money.
Charges will be varied depending on the amount and frequency of items being shipped. We will issue an estimate. Please feel free to inquire.
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