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Buyer's Consolidation

More efficient and more reasonably-priced procurement from multiple overseas suppliers!

Have you ever experienced any of the problems listed below?
  • - Separate procurement from multiple suppliers can make management complicated and time-consuming, and it can also increase the total cost.
  • - We can't formulate a sales plan because we are unable to predict the timing of delivery of products from the suppliers.
  • - Products supplied from overseas are temporarily stored in a domestic warehouse. This may lead to excess inventory in some cases in which we are concerned about the cost to be high.
Let Yamato Group solve your problems!
Example of scheme for Shanghai distribution zone
Reduced cost

You can reduce shipping cost by consolidating products from different suppliers for shipping.

Increased sales

Through buyer-led logistics, you can control the delivery date and capture sales opportunities.

Decreased inventory

Through just-in-time delivery and direct shipping to stores, you can reduce quantity of domestic inventory in Japan.

Advantages for Buyer

By grouping products at a consolidation warehouse before shipping, realize a reduced-cost shipping scheme

Products procured from multiple suppliers and trading companies are grouped at Yamato's overseas consolidation warehouse before shipping. This realizes an efficient shipping scheme at a reasonable cost!

  • -Products can be consolidated on your company's name in the China bonded logistics park. Loading products from different suppliers into the same container, it will realize a significant reduction in import cost (customs fees, handling fees, etc.) related to each shipment.
  • -The process of sorting, assorting, and inspection that is currently performed in Japan can be executed overseas, where personnel expenses are low, resulting in reduced labor cost.

Procurement is possible at the desired timing from the buyer's perspective

Instead of entrusting logistics to the supplier performing procurement at the buyer's desired timing, it is efficient to capture sales opportunities. You can realize distribution with quick delivery in expected time!

  • It is possible to arrange transportation, fitting for high-frequency and small-lot shipment according to merchandise turnover. It leads to a reduction in excess inventory and domestic warehouses.
  • By completing sorting and affixing of domestic shipping label at the time of overseas collection, it enables direct shipping to the final shop(s) and minimized total lead time. (Global Direct Service)
    (From Asian region, you can complete store-direct-delivery within 3 days at the soonest.)

Advantages for Suppliers

Through transportation to the bonded logistics park, products are handled as exports and applicable for refund of value added tax. It promotes improvement of your cash flow.

Use GL-Cat to select the required products while viewing the receipt status of overseas warehouses on the web. This enables direct issuance of collection orders at anytime, from anywhere and by anyone!

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