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Haneda Rapid Gateway Service

We will reduce the lead time for overseas delivery by utilizing Haneda  Airport, which is open 24 hours a day!

We deliver packages to overseas customers with extraordinary speed.

Leveraging the 24-hour operations of Haneda Airport and the Yamato Group's Haneda base, we provide support to customers that wish to get their products delivered overseas as quickly as possible.

Have you ever experienced any of the problems listed below?
  • It's difficult to get packages to the airport in time for same-day flights.Orders aren't finalized until the last minute, so production schedules can't keep up with pickup deadlines.
  • We would like to shorten our lead times in order to meet flight departure times.
  • Pickup, customs clearance, and arranging things at the destination are complicated, as they involve contacting all sorts of people.
Let Yamato Group solve your problems!
Yamato's track and trace can show vou all the shipping stages.
Departure from Haneda using midnight/early morning flight

The lead time to destination is substantially reduced using midnight/early morning flights from Haneda Airport.

Utilization of domestic flights

We will shortcut domestic lead times at a reasonable price through full utilization of the Yamato Group network, leveraging domestic flights and other options in addition to trucks.
※There are several areas of which we cannot provide this service.

Centralization of contact points

We coordinate and make arrangements via a single contact point within the Yamato Group for everything from domestic pickup to overseas delivery.

〈 羽田発集荷最速搭載サービスのイメージ 〉

[Cargo Requirements] (as of March 2015)

Objective cargo: Cargo,not required screening or inspection on other laws and regulation than customs.
(food, pharmaceuticals, and so on is not eligible)

Temperature zone: Ordinary temperature

Weight limit: C/W500kg or less

Pickup areas: Tohoku (partially operating), Kanto area

We can also handle other areas and weights. Please ask us for further details!

Flights available with the service from Haneda Airport: 18 cities around the world(as of March 2015)

〈 羽田発集荷最速搭載サービスのイメージ 〉
  • Asia

    • Bangkok
    • Ho Chi Minh
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Manila
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Shanghai
    • Taipei
    • Incheon
    • Qingdao
  • North America

    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Vancouver
    • Honolulu
  • Europe

    • Paris
    • Frankfurt
  • Middle East

    • Dubai
    • Doha
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