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Make your holiday to Japan even more enjoyable with Hands-Free Travel!

Hands-Free Travel Counters

Yamato Transport, together with the Japan Tourism Agency, recommend the "Hands-Free Travel" services. These include parcel delivery and temporary luggage storage, which allow travelers to enjoy sightseeing such as shopping, fine dining and other cultural experiences.

This is the logo mark for service counters certified as "Hands-Free Travel" by the Japan Tourism Agency.


Japan is a
Train-based Society

Public transportation in Japan is highly developed in
metropolitan areas and at sightseeing destinations.
A large percentage of people travel by train,
so it is common for major stations and trains
to be crowded throughout the day.

This is why we recommend
"Hands-Free Travel"

Walk around stations with ease

Walk around stations with ease

Enjoy comfortable travel in both crowded stations and trains! You will also be relieved from hauling luggage when going up and down stairs, or wandering through large stations.

Travel safely while holding your children’s hands

Travel safely while holding your children's hands

When both of your hands are busy carrying luggage, it is easy to lose track of your children. This service allows you to travel through crowded stations without worry by freeing your hands so that you can hold your children's hands.

No more lost luggage

No more lost luggage

A little carelessness could lead to lost or stolen luggage when traveling through stations you are unaccustomed to. "Hands-Free Travel" ensures a comfortable and safe journey.

Customer's Voice

Stations in Japan were very crowded so it was very difficult for us to change trains with our children while carrying our luggage as well. We found large coin-operated lockers at train stations, but they were often full. Luckily, we found Yamato's temporary luggage storage service at the train station so we left our luggage with them. We were so surprised to find that Yamato was also able to have our luggage sent to the airport or our hotel! The friendly staff helped us to fill out the waybill and even handed us sightseeing pamphlets. Thanks to the "Hands-Free Travel" service, we were able to enjoy our trip throughout Japan even more.

Tourist from Taiwan

Tourist from Taiwan

Tourist from Taiwan

This is "YAMATO Quality"

Introducing the safe, secure and reliable service
which Yamato provides.

Celebrating our
100th Anniversary in 2019

No. 1 Market Share
in Japan

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Booking before your trip to Japan
Booking before your trip to Japan