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Message from the President

Message from the President

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. was founded in 1919. After starting Japan's first delivery business based on fixed truck routes in 1929, we went on to launch our TA-Q-BIN business in 1976.

TA-Q-BIN has been supported by many people throught its history and there has been constant new challenges. We achieved person-to-person next-day delivery, which had been regarded as impossible for commercial basis. In addition, we brought out a succession of new services including Golf TA-Q-BIN, Cool TA-Q-BIN, and Time Zone Delivery. All of these were the result of feedback from customers.

The reason we could and will continue evolving despite the changing times is due to our unchanging commitment to provide customers with services they will appreciate.

We will continue to take on new challenges as we are approaching our 100th anniversary in 2019. One example is our Value Networking initiative, which uses innovations in our network to enable our client companies to revolutionize their logistics by transforming logistics from a cost into a means of generating value. Another challenge we have taken up is Project G, a collaboration with local authorities to address problems such as low birth rates, and the aging and declining population in Japanese rural communities. We will also be actively pursuing new initiatives such as building a network of delivery lockers that can be used by any delivery company, making it more convenient for customers to receive TA-Q-BIN and other deliveries.

In a rapidly changing world, we need to always listen to what our customers want from TA-Q-BIN services. We always think about how to bring them happiness. Our customer's happiness is our primary concern and these are at our core that we will be constantly returning to as we further evolve our "Last-one-mile" network to develop even better services.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement as we pursue our goals.

Yutaka Nagao
President and Chief Executive Officer

Yutaka Nagao President and Chief Executive Officer